Our system is in good hands so we can focus on our business.

Our system is in good hands so we can focus on our business.

Clients for over 11 years

Working with our IT management team to assess our technology needs, the team at Direct IT keeps us on track with our goals. Direct IT takes the time to understand the client and tailors their support to each individual. If someone isn’t tech savvy, they will work with them to provide step by step instructions. Their team is friendly and builds a rapport with our employees, which ultimately relieves the frustration of a technology issue. The team at Direct IT is second to none. They look beyond the issue that is in front of them to assess the whole picture. Their service extends beyond the daily calls into their office for support; including project management, training on current technology trends, keeping users current by offering training; and many other “extras” that become instrumental to our business allowing us the peace of mind that our system is in good hands so we can focus on our business.

Operations Manager at SG&D Insurance Agencies
Worcester, MA

They are knowledgeable, honest and reliable.

They are knowledgeable, honest and reliable.

Clients for over 10 years

Direct IT is great at designing and tailoring your entire technology infrastructure keeping in mind your business requirements and budget, not trying to upsell you to the latest and greatest product which might be unnecessary for your business needs.

Direct IT’s team is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and reliable. In today’s day an age where downtime can have a significant impact to your clients and your bottom line, Direct IT can be counted on to troubleshoot the item and work on remediation immediately. Direct IT does an excellent job making sure their clients do not just feel like another Customer ID with a Ticket Number.

Chief Operating Officer - Ligris + Associates, P.C.
Newton MA

These Guys Sat Through A Snowstorm with Me.

These Guys Sat Through A Snowstorm with Me.

Clients for over 14 years

When I first accepted my position, I was told I could bring in anyone I wanted for upper tier support. Frankly I looked around. What I found was that no other company offered the caliber of support, the expertise, and overall general interest and understanding of our business. From desktop to perimeter security. Direct IT cares about our business. They have helped guide us and mentor us through our technology needs.

I’d say to the questions why hire Direct It, these guys sat here through a snow storm with me because it just happened to be the day, we’d scheduled an infrastructure upgrade. Most others would have cancelled, but DirectIT gets it.

Don’t hesitate to call them, they really do “get it.”

Manager Technology Services at Ace Surgical
Brockton, MA

I Could Not Be More Satisfied

Clients for over 12 years

Direct IT is extremely responsive. It employs specialists in each field which offers us the ability to use one technology service rather than having to depend on a variety of companies each specializing in just one area.

Go with Direct IT. I could not be more satisfied with the level of service, the fast response time, flexibility in scheduling and the commitment to excellence DIT offers.

Executive Vice President at Universal Capital
Boston MA

On Top of the Job With Fast Response

Clients for over 12 years

We are very happy with response time. Whenever there is an issue that needs to be resolved, Direct IT is on top of the job right away.

We had spoken with a few other firms about outside IT services as we grew. We’re very pleased that we were able to find a local company that can respond remotely or onsite quickly.

CPA Partner at Finer & Finer
Randolph MA

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