Email/Spam Protection for Boston Businesses

Email is the number one entry point that spammers and cybercriminals use to gain access to your business. These attacks range from distracting and system-clogging adware to livelihood-threatening ransomware. By some counts, 65% of corporate email consists of spam. To stay safe and productive, your business needs to filter out this malicious content and Direct iT’s Email/Spam Protection service can do just that.

Our cloud email filter stands guard over your email server, acting as a gatekeeper to flag and repel unwanted emails and hacking attempts. In addition, as part of our RemoteNet network maintenance service, Direct iT provides 24/7/365 vigilance against the intrusion risks inherent in the email chain.

The benefits of Direct iT’s Email/Spam Protection include:

  • Immediate defense against spam, phishing, viruses & ransomware
  • Your defensive moat — attackers can never directly connect to your mail server
  • 24/7/365 proactive and reactive email monitoring and threat updating
  • Redundancy, with multiple filters in the cloud
  • Improved email searching and archiving functionality