Network Security for Boston Businesses

Direct iT provides the ultimate in powerful network security with our RemoteNet managed network security and maintenance service. This service utilizes our in-house Bluebox network management system. Designed from the ground up for the needs of our customers, Bluebox is a big part of why Direct iT can deliver network security so effectively. Installed locally, our RemoteNet service uses Bluebox as an access point for remote services and support, and does not require any incoming ports to be opened in your firewall.

Bluebox quickly scans your network, gathering and storing critical information. This way, your network is monitored around the clock for malware attacks, server failures, internet issues, full disks, or any other potential risk. In addition, extensive network documentation and issue/ticket tracking are provided. Other IT service providers need to license expensive network management software in order to manage your network. At Direct iT, we have developed our own systems and hence pay no licensing fees. We pass the savings on to you!

The benefits of Direct iT’s Network Security include:

  • Discovery session to analyze your current network infrastructure
  • Firewall-independent 24/7/365 customizable remote monitoring and management
  • Anti-malware strategies to protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Server/workstation maintenance and offsite backup options
  • After hours or weekend service times to minimize downtime