Direct iT understands the unique data management and compliance challenges faced by the healthcare industry. The sensitivity and potential urgency of your customers’ data, combined with a highly regulated industry, means maintaining care standards and regulatory compliance can be a drain on your financial and time resources. Direct iT can provide any size or type of healthcare business with the methods and technologies to relieve this pressure, and in the process enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity.

Let us assess your IT infrastructure, policies and processes to determine how well they support your overall IT strategy and mitigate your IT risks, and then provide the tailored solutions your medical organization needs.

HIPAA Compliance

Direct iT has the technical and physical safeguards and policies in place to be fully HIPAA compliant. If your organization is struggling to meet its HIPAA compliance requirements, let Direct iT facilitate the process. Our support specialists have helped numerous healthcare professionals implement and optimize their electronic EMR/EHR documentation systems and data-security policies to assist in achieving HIPAA compliance.