Cloud Computing for Boston Businesses

Direct iT has been providing both custom and off-the-shelf cloud computing services for over 5 years. Whether you are looking to free up office space by losing your servers, or you want the always-everywhere security and functionality of cloud-based applications, or you want to make your office paperless, we have the know-how and the solutions.

The benefits of cloud computing are numerous and while the transition may seem complex, you will be astonished at how the cloud can simplify your IT landscape. In addition, as part of our RemoteNet network maintenance service, Direct iT provides real-time cloud email filtering to weed out spam, hacking attempts, and the ever-growing range of malware.

The benefits of Direct iT’s Cloud Computing include:

  • Years of experience with industry-standard products like Office 365 and VMware
  • Advice and solutions for moving your business to the paperless office model
  • Advanced cloud email filtering for malware protection
  • Better team collaboration and customer communication
  • Reduced costs as you eliminate hardware, software, and maintenance
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