Ticketmaster Caught Accessing Competitor’s Databases

While concerts may be lacking recently, the execs at TicketMaster are being kept busy by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of New York. According to a press release the office posted on their website on Wednesday, Dec. 30, Ticketmaster must pay $10 Million “to resolve charges that it repeatedly accessed without authorization the computer systems of a competitor.

Era of Adobe Flash Player Over

Last year we said goodbye to Windows 7, but this year we say goodbye to something not only older, but something that served as a visual medium for businesses, artists, advertisers, video game developers, and has been used by just about anyone who has had access to the Internet between 1997 and today.

40,000 Users Report Issues with Google

Monday, December 14 saw one of the widest outages of Google’s services this year, which affected YouTube and GMail, as well as their own internal systems.

According to Google, “The root cause was an issue in our automated quota management system which reduced capacity for Google’s central identity management system, causing it to return errors globally.

A Short History of Microsoft Excel

If you’ve worked in an office or have been in school at any point in the last three decades, chances are you’re quite familiar with Microsoft Excel, but if you’ve been around a longer, you likely know that it wasn’t nearly as popular as its competitors at first.