Attorneys & Law Firms

We understand that strict federal and state regulations impose an extraordinarily high level of scrutiny on the legal profession, where even minor irregularities can have grave consequences. When managing the IT of our lawyer and attorney clients, Direct iT applies the precision required to keep your document management system, email encryption protocols, and time-tracking/billing applications secure and in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Let us assess your IT infrastructure, policies and processes to determine how well they support your overall IT strategy and mitigate your IT risks, and then provide the tailored solutions your practice, law firm or legal department needs.

Through our managed services plans, Direct iT’s goal is to ensure your IT infrastructure is dependable, efficient, and designed to scale as you grow so that you and your business can continue to represent your clients efficiently and professionally, whether you are in solo practice or represent a large firm. And at Direct iT we understand that in the legal profession, losing control of client data carries much more severe consequences than in most industries. When we manage your IT system, we employ the latest, best privacy and security architecture and protocols, to protect your reputation and your livelihood.

Some of our long term clients you may be familiar with.

Kushner and Marano
Client for over 13 years
Ligris and Associates
Client for over 10 years
Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry
Client for over 10 years
Anthony Troiano Law
Client for over 11 years
Avery, Dooley & Noone
Client for over 10 years
Law Offices of Scott Kriss
Client for over 12 years
Broker's Title & Closing LLC
Client for over 13 years
Ricciardelli & Small, LLC
Client for over 9 years
Kirzner & Fuchs, LLP
Client for over 12 years
Nationwide Title & Escrow
Client for over 12 years
McElhiney and Matson
Client for over 14 years

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