You can bet your bottom dollar that YOU are a target for business identity theft.

  1. Businesses have higher bank balances than individuals
  2. It's easy to get loans and open new lines of credit
  3. Small businesses have higher credit limits than individuals
  4. It's harder to prosecute criminals for small business identity theft
  5. Larger purchases may be typical and therefore less suspicious
  6. Small businesses tend to have less IT security
  7. Business information is easily available, often public
  8. Larger purchases often have flexible payment terms

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Are YOUR Firm’s Credentials On The Dark Web?

With our free business identity theft protection report (including dark web scan) you will know:

  • What credentials (if any) are actively being SOLD on the Dark Web
  • If you are at risk for Business Identity Theft
  • If your customers' PRIVATE INFORMATION is at RISK

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