Data Backup Solutions for Boston Businesses

Direct iT specializes in the prevention of and recovery from disasters — natural or otherwise — which can befall your critical business data. Our RemoteVault Program offers data storage and retrieval technology, which provides maximum security and access. Your data backups will be automated, scheduled according to your needs, and archived in a secure offsite datacenter.

We monitor your data around the clock to safeguard against theft, intrusion, corruption, or loss. What’s more, you are able to leverage the extra security of our cloud-based standby server. In the event of a disaster, you will be able to access your files and data remotely, from anywhere, including from our pre-prepared workstations and laptops, should your own hardware be out of service or unreachable. Hurricanes, snowstorms, floods, fire, and power outages happen — are you prepared?

The benefits of Direct iT’s Data Backup Solutions include:

  • RemoteVault’s 24/7/365 secure, monitored, and automated backups
  • A range of onsite and offsite physical and cloud-based storage options
  • A range of data-access contingencies if your operations become inaccessible
  • Peace of mind knowing your business’s information is always protected and at hand
  • Decreased costs and increased expense predictability