US Department of Transportation Suffers Data Breach

US Department of Transportation Suffers Data Breach
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A breach of the US Department of Transportation's TRANServe program, which offers transportation-related benefits and services to help federal employees commute to and from work, has impacted 114,000 current and 123,000 former federal employees.

According to Reuters, the USDOT found that the breach was isolated to "certain systems at the department used for administrative functions" such as benefits processing.

Federal government agencies are often targeted by threat actors due to the significant power and influence these branches hold. Government agencies usually handle classified or sensitive information related to national security, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and financial matters. Targeting federal branches of government can allow threat actors to disrupt federal offices.

The evolving nature of cyber threats requires continuous vigilance, adaptation, and investment in security measures to mitigate risks.

Last year, Congress earmarked hundreds of millions of dollars for The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which updated its federal agency vulnerability reporting guidelines.

Currently, the USDOT does not know who was behind the attack.