Ransomware Gang Gives Victims Decryption Key

Ransomware Gang Gives Victims Decryption Key
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A Toronto teaching research hospital that focuses on children was the latest victim of a ransomware attack in December. Fortunately, for the company SickKids, the gang realized that one of its members had crossed an ethical line.

With its systems down, including phone and internet lines as well as internal networks, the medical facility worked on getting its systems back up.

Two days after SickKids announced their systems had been impacted, the ransomware group LockBit issued an apology.

"We formally apologize for the attack on sikkids.ca and give back the decryptor for free," they said. "The partner who attacked this hospital violated our rules, is blocked and is no longer in our affiliate program."

According to the group's policy, "It is forbidden to encrypt institutions where damage to the files could lead to death, such as cardiology centers, neurosurgical departments, maternity hospitals and the like, that is, those institutions where surgical procedures on high-tech equipment using computers may be performed."