Imagine Eyeglasses that would Break Down Language Barriers

Imagine Eyeglasses that would Break Down Language Barriers
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Earlier this month, tech companies across the world traveled to Las Vegas for the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off their new product lines, gadgets, and concepts for the near future. There was a big showing this year from companies that are pioneering the Augmented Reality (AR) field. Chinese company TCL, a growing leader in televisions, showed off their AR Glasses which give the wearer the ability to see real-time live translation right in front of their eyes.

TCL's RayNeo X2 glasses are "the world's first binocular full-color micro-LED opticle waveguide AR glasses," said CEO of TCL RayNeo Howie Li.

What this means is that the screen appears through the eyeglass lenses themselves, giving you an optical heads-up display. The TCL RayNeo X2, "breaks down language barriers and opens new pathways to connect," according to a press release by the company. "When speaking face-to-face, the AR glasses automatically detect and translate in-person conversations with subtitles displaying on the screen - perfect for building business connections and traveling overseas."

Another application of the hardware is GPS navigation, where a map can appear in front of your eyes whenever you need to know where you are, or where you are going.

Of course, one of the main features is that you can receive your messages and phone calls through the glasses, without having to reach for your phone.

The TCL RayNeo X2 glasses are expected to be available before the end of 2023.