FBI Issues Warning Regarding Tech Support Scams Targeting Older Adults

FBI Issues Warning Regarding Tech Support Scams Targeting Older Adults
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In a recent public service announcement, the FBI issued a warning regarding an increase in tech support scams specifically targeting older adults. These scams not only exploit vulnerable individuals but also pose a significant risk to businesses and their employees. As business leaders, you must be aware of this threat and take proactive measures to protect your organization.

According to the FBI's press release, scammers typically initiate contact with older adults through various channels, such as phone calls, text messages, emails, or pop-up windows that pose as brand-name company customer support. By falsely claiming fraudulent activity or offering a refund for a subscription service, scammers establish credibility and gain the trust of their victims.

Once trust is established, scammers convince the victims to download software that grants remote access to their computers by telling them that, according to the FBI, “they have a refund for the victim,” and “the only way the money can be sent is by connecting to the victim's computer and depositing it into the victim's bank account.”

In a shocking twist, the scammers "accidentally" deposit more than the intended amount and instruct the victims to return the excess cash via shipping. This method of concealment often involves wrapping the money in magazines or similar items and shipping them to specified addresses, sometimes at pharmacies or retail businesses.

Oftentimes, the scammer will plead over the phone, telling the victim that if their boss finds out they might lose their job.

As a business leader, it is crucial to protect your organization and employees from these tech support scams. Educate Your Employees: Raise awareness among your workforce about tech support scams and provide training on how to identify and report suspicious communications.

By understanding the tactics employed by scammers and implementing effective safeguards, you can protect your organization and employees from falling victim to these schemes.

Stay vigilant and proactive in the face of this evolving threat, and together, we can combat these scams and safeguard our businesses and communities.