Beacon Hill’s Strategic Move to Fortify Digital Infrastructure

Beacon Hill’s Strategic Move to Fortify Digital Infrastructure
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The Massachusetts legislature has recently passed the FutureTech Act of 2024, a bill that authorizes $1.24 billion in bonds for various information technology initiatives and projects across the state. The bill aims to improve the quality, efficiency, and security of the state's technology and telecommunications infrastructure and services. 

As accessibility of Massachusetts’ online services is a cornerstone of the legislation, the Senate's initiative focuses on delivering digital services that are easy to understand, use, and gain access to for all citizens.  

“Our technology infrastructure is a lynchpin for nearly every service and resource our state delivers, and enhancing it is a fundamental step to increase access and create systems that work for everyone,” said Senate President Karen E. Spilka. 

The bill allocates: 

  • $750 million for improving the delivery and interaction of public services and programs 
  • $200 million for enhancing the security and resilience of the state's technology infrastructure and operations 
  • $250 million for executing strategic initiatives, improving business intelligence and modernizing governmental functions 
  • $25 million for developing and implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning systems 
  • $30 million for constructing fiber broadband infrastructure in unserved areas 
  • $150 million for providing grants to municipalities and other public entities for information technology and data security projects 
  • $85 million for information technology upgrades for the legislature and the department of revenue 

The FutureTech Act of 2024 is a significant and ambitious piece of legislation that will shape the future of information technology in Massachusetts. Business owners should stay informed and engaged with the state's information technology plans and policies, as well as with their own information technology needs and goals, to make the most of this historic opportunity.