Uber, Fire Departments move towards Electric Vehicles

Uber, Fire Departments move towards Electric Vehicles
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Uber announced in 2020 that it would become fully electric by 2040 in North America, which is why it’s not surprising that they have announced a partnership with Arrival, an electric vehicle manufacturer, to create a vehicle specifically for drivers of their platform.

The manufacturer has invited current Uber drivers to help mold the design, which it hopes to have finalized before the end of the year, with production beginning in 2023.

Last year, Uber and General Motors teamed up to give drivers discounts on the Chevrolet Bolt, an electric vehicle. Uber hopes to double the number of drivers using electric vehicles by the end of 2021, recently announcing plans to help finance purchases.

Arrival was founded in 2015, and recently went public in March. Their clients include UPS, and so far they have developed a fleet of electric buses and delivery vans.

In another industry altogether, Firetruck Manufacturer Rosenbauer has begun to sell its futuristic Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck (CFT) to Fire Departments across America. The company has officially dubbed the truck “The Revolutionary Technology,” as it started a tour of the states this year.

The truck is fully connected, working as a wi-fi access point that allows devices to be linked together, helping with the deployment of drones -- both flying and land models, which the truck is designed to carry. Firefighters can see all operations of the truck, including remaining water levels, on their devices.

The driver will have the help of electronic mirrors in addition to standard mirrors, utilizing multiple cameras around the vehicle. The two electric motors “can also drive the extinguishing water pump,” according to the manufacturer.

The Revolutionary Technology truck, which is made in Wyoming, has already been used in locations around the world, such as Berlin, Dubai and Amsterdam.