Ransomware Attack Hinders EMS Response in Texas

Ransomware Attack Hinders EMS Response in Texas
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There was an extremely dangerous Ransomware incident last month in the state of Texas, as a cyberattack on EMS and ambulance company MedStar hindered their ability to respond to emergencies.

According to CBS News, the company detected "an active attack" that was targeted at their network. While they store their data on the cloud, their "911 computer-aided dispatch and patient care reporting systems" were affected and isolated from their network.

No evidence suggests that any personal patient information or 911 records were taken during the attack.

Ambulance wait times hovered at around an hour "for about a week" after the attack, according to CBS, who noted that dispatchers had resorted to pens, pencils, maps, and radios to do their work.

The effect of the attack could have been worse, but fortunately, MedStar actually held a training on Oct 5 specifically on how to work when their network goes down.

As of now, the attacker has not been disclosed.