Massachusetts #10 “Worst State for Data Breach”

Massachusetts #10 “Worst State for Data Breach”
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A new data study published by Network Assured ranks Massachusetts as the 10th worst state for data breaches in 2022.

The study takes every breach from last year, and "compare the number of data breaches to each state's number of registered businesses, to obtain a value for 'breaches per entity,'" according to a post on the organization's website.

What they found is that Massachusetts, at #10, "suffered 248 breaches," with 16 of those being HIPAA breaches.

Comparatively, the worst state was California, with an estimated 1,338 breaches. Network Assured noted that California saw three of the ten-worst breaches in 2022.

The data study also makes a point to mention how much money each state allocates towards cybersecurity spending, with Texas at the top at $800 million dollars. Comparatively, Massachusetts spends about $163.3 million for the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security.

Unsurprisingly, the best states with the least amount of data breaches? North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.