Letter from the Editor – October 2023 | New England Cyber Defender

Letter from the Editor – October 2023 | New England Cyber Defender
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This article originally appeared in Direct iT's new magazine, New England Cyber Defender, which you can read for free here.

Thank you for picking up this second edition of New England Cyber Defender. We have lots in store for you this issue.

First, our cover feature introduces us to the charismatic Mike Rowe, a familiar face from Discovery Channel. In his page 4 article, you’ll learn how the principles of hard work and unwavering dedication can reshape your approach to success. Prepare to be inspired by Rowe’s journey and discover how you, too, can leave a lasting impact.

On page 12, John DiJulius, an expert in customer experience, leads us through a captivating exploration of building emotional connections in our digital age and unveils seven compelling strategies that can forge unbreakable bonds between your brand and customers.

Meanwhile, Chris Voss’s piece will empower you to stress test your understanding capabilities and emerge stronger from the negotiation table.

On page 15, we illustrate the importance of cybersecurity training for your employees with some shocking statistics. We then provide a framework for engaging them in the training process using interactive activities.

I understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, maintaining a robust IT infrastructure is paramount. In this issue, I want to bring to your attention a new trend among modern businesses: Co-Managed IT services. In Co-Managed IT services, an MSP works with your in-house team to deliver extraordinary IT support, bridging the gap between your in-house IT team and external expertise with a seamless integration that maximizes efficiency.

It’s an arrangement where our skilled professionals collaborate with your existing IT team—who are typically so busy dealing with IT problems that security and regular maintenance are pushed to a back burner—and foster a partnership that capitalizes on collective strengths. This arrangement allows for flexible resource allocation and leads to heightened security, enhanced problem solving and strategic planning, and increased productivity.

Some common misconceptions with Co-Managed IT services are that the MSP is taking over, that the relationship is project-based, and that the managed services provider is only monitoring. These could not be further from the truth. Co-Managed IT complements your existing team; it does not replace them. Co-Managed IT provides ongoing support; it is not just limited to specific events or projects. And Co-Managed IT goes far beyond network marketing, providing comprehensive solutions to a multitude of problems.

If your organization is growing and you’ve found your in-house IT team overburdened and unable to manage everything on their plate, I invite you to contact us and explore the possibility of a Co-Managed services relationship where we fill the gaps in your existing team and enhance performance using powerful automation tools. It’s cost effective and efficient.

You will learn more about Co-Managed IT services when I speak at Small Business Tech Day, coming November 16. You’ll also hear from celebrities like Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, AI expert and top technology leader Adam Cheyer, and best-selling author and entrepreneur extraordinaire Mike Michalowicz. Furthermore, we are excited to welcome a special guest from Kaseya IT Security & Management Software, the market leader in IT and security management.

With that, thank you again for taking the time to read our magazine, designed to educate small to medium-sized businesses in cybersecurity without the technobabble. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the content we’ve curated for you here and to showing you the difference Direct iT can make for you.

David Javaheri | President & CEO of Direct iT - A Security Company That Does IT.

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