Kevin O’Leary and David Javaheri at Security Seminar in Orlando

Kevin O’Leary and David Javaheri at Security Seminar in Orlando
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“America was changing like crazy, it was happening before my eyes,” said Entrepreneur and Investor Kevin O’Leary during a security seminar in Orlando which included Direct iT President and CEO David Javaheri. “The companies that survived made this incredible pivot, and it was the technology that let them do it.”

O’Leary, being one of the most influential people in the business world today, has a need to figure out how to standardize internal security policies for employees who are working remotely. “Every business worries about their data, I don’t care how small they are,” he said.

David Javaheri, of Direct iT has been invited to many security events to talk about the Dark Web, employee training, and how to keep your network secure. He has also been holding security trainings for businesses around the United States.

“There are lessons to be learned from what happened,” said Kevin O’Leary during his time speaking at the podium.

One of the biggest lessons during the pandemic, which saw a rise of ransomware affecting small businesses with employees working remotely, was the importance of Endpoint Detection and Response.

When David Javaheri said Anti-Virus was dead back in 2019, most people in the industry balked.

“Direct IT’s customized EDR has been tested thoroughly by our engineers in our labspace,” Javaheri said. “It uses artificial intelligence based on predictive behaviors, ditching the obsolete anti-virus of the 90s, which would only check against an updated library.”

“33 percent of my staff are not coming back to our offices,” O’Leary said, noting that this is the case around the country, if not the world. “They need secure technology, they need advanced computers, they need storage, they need everything.” In other words, they need what Direct IT offers.

Javaheri said if it is easy for you to login to your accounts then it is easy for hackers to login to your accounts as well. That is why Direct IT trademarked “If it is convenient, it is not secure” ™