Good News: Pets Allowed!

Good News: Pets Allowed!
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Earlier this week, a New York Times piece warned against letting your pets drop into frame during a professional Zoom call. Immediately, the world took notice and set the record straight -- including your pets in video conferences is not only alright, but being encouraged.

Businesses have started hosting virtual pet parties during the evenings for their employees to catch up with each other and introduce their pets to their co-workers. Gainsight, a company that specializes in “customer-success” and revenue optimization platforms, hosted a “Bring Your Pet to Zoom” day this past week.

Teachers, who have been leading remote classrooms, have started asking those with pets to go and get them and include them in their classes.

Even local news stations have gotten in on the love.

Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay, California, has taken this a step further, providing those stuck at home with an option to “Goat-To-Meeting.” Yes, they are letting anyone who donates pick a slot to video-chat with their goats and other various farm animals.