FY23 Spending Bills to Include Cybersecurity Increase

FY23 Spending Bills to Include Cybersecurity Increase
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The United States House of Representatives has been working hard on preparing its FY23 spending bills, with an estimated $15.6 billion being earmarked for cybersecurity over the coming year. This would also include $417 million more for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) than the amount President Biden requested.

Also allocated would be $11.2 billion for the Defense Department. The current administration is focusing on preventive measures and efficiency. They are also ramping up efforts to encourage reporting breaches in the private sector.

It wasn't that long ago that the Colonial Pipeline hack took down their network for days. In this year's spending bills, the Energy Department will be getting $205 million for its cybersecurity efforts. It is just one agency that is receiving a boost in its annual budget.

The reason for the increase is due to an executive order in the early Spring from the White House which stressed that our government needed its cyber defenses tightened and strengthened.

While not specific, both public agencies and private sector organizations have started to seriously look at where they might be vulnerable, make fixes, and enact policies.