Direct iT Covid-19 Information and Response Plan

Direct iT Covid-19 Information and Response Plan
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Regarding Covid-19

Whether fire, floor, hurricane, blizzard, cyber attack, or pandemic, disaster preparedness has always been a large part of the service Direct iT provides for our clients. As Covid-19 continues to spread around New England, we have taken a number of steps and updated our disaster preparedness plans to prepare for every contingency. Along with preparing for the virus itself, we also have to prepare to be part of the public health response to the virus which may include quarantines, travel restrictions, and more.

  1. Beware Covid-19 related email scams! There are a number of scam emails going around pretending to be from the CDC, WHO, or other public health and government organizations – DO NOT CLICK ON OR READ THESE EMAILS. If you want information from public health organizations, read it from those organizations’ public websites or other media, not from email.
  2. Where to get information about Covid-19 – while there is a lot of confusing and/or incorrect information circulating about Covid-19, Ars Technica has written and compiled one of the most comprehensive guides to all of the common questions about the virus and what is known at this time.
  3. Direct iT remote support services will still be available during quarantines or lockdowns. We have invested in building a secure infrastructure to allow our engineers to work remotely if necessary and we have contingency planning in place to allow us to continue providing remote services as necessary.
  4. Covid-19 is already impacting availability of CPUs, laptops, servers, and other hardware. Because of supply-chain impact, delays of parts shipments from Asia, quarantines and other factors, there may be some unusual complications or delays in the availability of computer and network hardware. If you have hardware upgrades or purchases coming up, Direct iT will work with you to find the best solution to these issues.


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