Why Direct IT Really Is Different:

5 Big Reasons

Why Businesses in Boston Outsource Their Computer IT Support To Us:

  1. Our 60-day money back guarantee when you sign up for our support programs – no fine print, we cut you a check right away if you aren’t satisfied.

  2. We have many long-term clients with over 10 years of working with us – and they still rave about us!

  3. We’ve taken enterprise-grade solutions and bank-level security and simplified them for small business needs and small business budgets.

  4. No technobabble, no geek speak, we speak the language of your business instead of confusing you with technical terms.

  5. BlueBox™ -- we built our own small-business-focused network management tools; we aren’t just another company reselling the same overpriced, overcomplex packages as everyone else.

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