Refer Your Friends

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If they move forward with us, you will receive a $750 Visa Gift Card, and they will receive a $750 Visa Gift Card.

Step 1:

Invite Your New England-area Friends

Invite your peers to have an IT consultation with us to discuss their unique situation and how we can help them. All free!

Step 2:

Get $750 If they Move Forward

You will get a $750 Gift Card for each qualified referral that decides to sign and move forward with Direct iT.

Step 3:

Your Friend Gets Rewarded Too

Since they were referred by you, if they move forward with us, we’ll give your contact a $750.00 Gift Card.

Referral Program

Disclaimer: Direct iT reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time without notice. Referrals submitted must have more than 10 computers on their network, schedule and sign with Direct iT to qualify for a reward.