About Bay State Small Business Tech Day

The event is designed to help small businesses equip themselves with the best technology and practices available today to increase productivity and profitability and protect them against online threats.

Featuring well-known business leaders, tech experts and leading minds showing small businesses how to compete and succeed in many aspects of their business with a concentration on utilizing technology to be productive, profitable and protected​.

Featured Speakers And Sessions

Robert Herjavec

“A Shark’s-Eye View Of The Future Of Small Business Tech”

With 20+ years in the tech industry and the owner of a multimillion-dollar cyber security business, Shark Tank Celebrity Robert Herjavec will discuss the distinct differences between businesses losing money and those that are becoming more profitable and growing. To be a business that earns more and is growing, you’ll discover when, where, why and how to invest (or not!) in business technology that is constantly emerging in the marketplace.

David Javaheri

“The New Breed Of Cyber Criminal And What You Can Do To Protect Your Organization”

Delve into the world of cybersecurity with David Javaheri, President and CEO of Waltham-based Direct iT, as he unveils critical insights to protect your small business. Discover the dangerous cybersecurity myths putting your business at risk and explore the true costs of cyber-attacks that extend beyond just the ransom payments. Bolster your confidence against the constant evolution of cyber risks.

Adam Cheyer

“The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of AI In Small Business”

The last few years have seen disruptive breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) at an insane rate and have introduced programs like ChatGPT. Your business needs to be prepared for current programs and technology and what’s on track to possibly disrupt it further. Siri Cofounder Adam Cheyer will dive into how AI will affect the future of small business and what he predicts will launch you ahead of your competition.

Mike Michalowicz

“How To Get Your Business To Run On Its Own”

If you’ve ever felt like your business might collapse without you, tune in to Bestselling Author Mike Michalowicz’s session to see what you need to have in place so you have the freedom to take a vacation or some well-deserved time off. His actionable steps will help enable your employees to act like owners so you can walk away guilt-free while your business continues to thrive.

Ky Tran

“The Power of Penetration Testing: Your Defensive Line of Safety”

Ky Tran from Kaseya will walk you through the practical aspects of penetration testing and how it's essential for small businesses. Learn how penetration testing can identify vulnerabilities, strengthen your cybersecurity, and ensure the safety of your business's digital assets.

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