VoIP/Phone Solutions for Boston Businesses

Direct iT can raise the quality and lower the costs of your business’s telecommunication, and bring you a range of functionality unavailable with regular landlines. Many small and medium-sized businesses become so conditioned to the limitations of telephones — the poor sound quality, limited features, and high costs — they fail to realize there is a much cheaper, much better alternative technology: VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol communication.

By implementing our VoIP solutions, you can move beyond traditional expensive and muffled voice calls to access a wide range of functionalities, including collaboration tools like group voice or video calls, shared screens and whiteboards, and call forwarding to mobile devices like laptops or cell phones. You can communicate with your customers better as well, with enhanced voicemail options, customizable call handling, and CRM integration. In addition, our VoIP solutions scale to your needs, meaning you only pay for the tools you want to use.

The benefits of Direct iT’s VoIP Solutions include:

  • Increased functionalities like video conferencing and shared whiteboards
  • Vastly better sound quality than traditional landline phones
  • Increased team collaboration and improved customer communication
  • Peace of mind from knowing your telecom system is monitored and maintained
  • Potentially huge savings over legacy telecommunication bills