Direct iT has over 10 years of experience supporting accounting firms throughout Massachusetts and New England. Our support team skillfully helps support and implement a family of accounting software such as,

Wolters Kluwer – CCH Products, Pro Systems FX, Global ProFX (Cloud discontinued), CCH Axcess (Cloud replacement), IntelliForms, TaxWise.

Thompson Reuters Products - CS Professional Suite’ Practice CS, Workpapers CS, UltraTax CS, Fixed Assets CS, Sage Products, 50 Accounting.

Intuit Products - QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Quicken Products, Deluxe, Premiere.

BNA Products - Income Tax Planner, Estate and Tax Planner.

GEMS – Gillette Estate Management Suite.

In addition, Direct IT specializes in DarkWeb monitoring, Business Identity Theft protection with phishing simulation for accountants.

Your electronic filing identification numbers, centralized authorizations files, and your clients social security numbers are worth a lot of money to hackers who can sell them in the Dark Web.

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