The Paycheck Protection Problem

Did you apply to get part of the $350 billion being given out to businesses as part of the Paycheck Protection Program? Rather -- did you attempt to?

In the most unsurprising fashion, the amount of traffic trying to get through to apply crashed websites and tied up telephone wires (if they even use wires anymore.

Good News: Pets Allowed!

Earlier this week, a New York Times piece warned against letting your pets drop into frame during a professional Zoom call. Immediately, the world took notice and set the record straight -- including your pets in video conferences is not only alright, but being encouraged.

Direct iT Covid-19 Information and Response Plan

Regarding Covid-19
Whether fire, floor, hurricane, blizzard, cyber attack, or pandemic, disaster preparedness has always been a large part of the service Direct iT provides for our clients. As Covid-19 continues to spread around New England, we have taken a number of steps and updated our disaster preparedness plans to prepare for every contingency.

How Political Campaigns keep their data safe

“How secure are the presidential candidates’ campaigns?” This is the question asked by the SecurityScorecard Threat Intelligence Team in their recently published report “2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Get Smart to Cybersecurity.”

This isn’t about platform or ideology – it’s about identifying how organizations that are in a constant state of movement secure the digital frameworks of their campaigns.

Ransomware Attacks Rampant, Municipalities Report

Although the power stayed on for customers of the utility company Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) last month, the power station’s computer systems were frozen and encrypted by a ransomware attack.

In a post on their website the following Tuesday states that “There is no impact to the delivery of electric service.

Cybersecurity’s Era of Human Error puts SMBs at risk

According to recent surveys, most SMB owners don’t believe cybersecurity will be an issue for them. According to cybersecurity firm 4iQ’s report “The Changing Landscape of Identities in the Wild: The Long Tail of Small Breaches 2019”, this past year has seen “a significant shift from attacks on not just large companies, but increasing attacks on a greater number of small businesses – the long tail – as hackers targeted unsophisticated and unsecured small businesses and supply chain vendors.

3 Business Lessons I Learned from Peyton Manning

3 Business Lessons I Learned from Peyton Manning

by David Javaheri

A few weeks ago Peyton Manning came and spoke to a technology and security industry leadership event we were attending in Nashville.
While we at Direct iT are all Patriots fans and are fully aware of the fact that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in history, I still found that Manning had some interesting lessons for us about business and success.

ALTA Announces Direct iT as an Elite Provider

The American Land Title Association(ALTA) announced on April 25, 2019 that Direct iT has been named an ALTA Elite Provider.

ALTA’s Best Practices have played a huge part in helping our clients navigate the changing requirements of the settlement services industry,” said David Javaheri, president and CEO of Direct iT. “It’s a huge honor for Direct iT to be included in ALTA’s exclusive group of Elite Providers.