Industries Take Cybersecurity Seriously, Set Guidelines and Standards

The International Association of Ports and Harbors, a global organization representing ports worldwide that works with the United Nations, has released an 84-page document outlining "IAPH Cybersecurity Guidelines for Ports and Port Facilities."

According to the Executive Summary of the document, "The risk of a cyber-attack has become the top risk for port authorities and the wider port community.

Boston Public Library Victim of Cyber Attack

At the end of August, the Boston Public Library experienced a cyber attack which took caused a system-wide outage throughout the city's branches as well as the central branch in Copley Square.

"Affected systems were taken offline immediately, and proactive steps were taken to isolate the problem and shutdown network communication," the library said in a statement on their website.

Howard University Cancels Classes Due to Ransomware Attack

Howard University, located in Washington D.C., was forced to cancel classes the day after Labor Day as the school became the latest institute of higher learning to face a ransomware attack. During the first week of the month, Howard's information technology department intentionally shut down the school's network after detecting what they called "unusual activity.

Congress Drafts Up New Rules For Reporting Cyber Attacks

At the end of last month, on July 27, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing regarding the rise of ransomware attacks in the US which included top cyber officials.

Over the past year, there has been a 300% increase in attacks, costing businesses $300 million, according to the Department of Justice.

Giant Breach Affects 170 Hospitals in US

A giant data breach affecting 170 hospitals and healthcare centers across the US exposed confidential health information of hundreds of thousands of patients, multiple organizations have revealed. The attack, which took place on April 6, targeted Elekta, a Swedish developer whose software powers the linear accelerators used in radiation therapy.

Scammers Posing as PayPal Sending E-Mails to Users

A 77-year old Indiana Woman received an e-mail from PayPal regarding fraudulent activity stemming from her account. Had someone hacked it? She called the number listed and began working with them to fix the issue.

Of course, the voice on the other line purporting to be PayPal customer service was in actuality across the world waiting for her to send them money to resolve the issue.

Army Hackers Find 238 Vulnerabilities in Network

The US Department of the Army and the U.S. Defense Digital Services were both hacked as much as 40 times since January 2021 by military-grade and civilian hackers, according to Forbes. However, while the first line may alarm you, you might feel better after learning that it was part of "Hack the Army 3.0," a "a “bug bounty” program that builds on the efforts of Army and Department of Defense security professionals in safeguarding DoD and Army networks, systems and data," according to the U.S. Department of the Army.