Blue Cross and Blue Shield Suffers Data Breach

Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts has identified and given notice to 4,855 members whose personal information  was part of a data breach that occurred in late-June.

According to the insurer, an employee at a third-party vendor that they work with, LifeWorks, e-mailed a spreadsheet containing members’ personal identifying information, to their personal Gmail account, and copied another employee’s personal e-mail as well.

5.4 Million Twitter Users’ Information for Sale

The phone numbers and e-mails of 5.4 million Twitter users are up for sale for a mere  $30,000.00 after the social media giant suffered a data breach in December 2021.

A threat actor going by the name “devil” wrote a post on July 21 stating that they had collected the data of 5.4M users, including “celebrities, to companies, randoms, OGs, etc.

AMD Data Allegedly Up For Sale By Threat Actors

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers and computer hardware manufacturer, second only to Intel, has announced that it is investigating a cyberattack incident which left 450GB of company data stolen.

According to BleepingComputer, the extortion group "RansomHouse" had made mention on their Telegram social media account that they had attained and would be offering for sale data from "a well-known three-letter company that starts with the letter A."

The report goes on to state that while the data is listed as stolen on January 5th, 2022, that was only the date that the threat actors finally lost access to AMD's servers.

Amazon Showcases Automated Workers

According to a report by the Association for Advancing Automation, businesses have ordered 40% more workplace robots in 2022 than the same time period in 2021. This comes as a national worker shortage hits the retail, transportation, and manufacturing industries.

Colonial Pipeline Fined For Lack of Response Plan

The repercussions of last year's hack of the Colonial Pipeline have not ended for the company in charge of the US' largest refined-oil pipeline system, who are now facing a $986,400 civil penalty from the US Department of Transportation.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, which operates under the US DOT, conducted an inspection of Colonial Pipeline's risk mitigation efforts and procedures and found that, according to a press release on their website, a "probable failure to adequately plan and prepare for manual shutdown and restart of its pipeline system.

FTC: Twitter Deceptively Used 2FA Information

Twitter has come under fire, to the tune of $150 Million, by the Federal Trade Commission after it was revealed that the social media site had been allowing data collected for two-factor authentication to be used by advertisers to target advertisements.

Illinois Healthcare Provider Reports Large Breach

Christie Clinic, a large healthcare provider in Illinois, has suffered the worst data breach reported in 2022 so far. After detecting suspicious activity from an employee's business account, the company began an investigation before confirming in January that a threat actor had accessed the e-mail account during a month-long period in Summer 2021.

At the end of March, the company posted a notice on its website describing the event.