Imagine Eyeglasses that would Break Down Language Barriers

Earlier this month, tech companies across the world traveled to Las Vegas for the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off their new product lines, gadgets, and concepts for the near future. There was a big showing this year from companies that are pioneering the Augmented Reality (AR) field.

Ransomware Gang Gives Victims Decryption Key

A Toronto teaching research hospital that focuses on children was the latest victim of a ransomware attack in December. Fortunately, for the company SickKids, the gang realized that one of its members had crossed an ethical line.

With its systems down, including phone and internet lines as well as internal networks, the medical facility worked on getting its systems back up.

400 Million Twitter Accounts’ Data For Sale

A hacker who goes by the name "Ryushi" has purportedly obtained personal identifying information of up to 400 million Twitter Accounts, and if asking for $200,000 before they delete it, according to the BBC.

"I'm selling data of +400 million unique Twitter users that was scraped via a vulnerability," the threat actor posted on a hacking message board on December 23. "This data is completely private and it includes emails and phone numbers of celebrities, politicians, companies, normal users, and a lot of OG and special usernames.

Direct iT Holiday Party 2022

We'd like to thank all staff and their friends and family who joined us last Sunday, December 20th at TD Bank Garden to watch the Celtics take on the Orlando Magic.


Suffolk University Suffers “Cybersecurity Incident”

Suffolk University students and alumni received notice this week that a "cybersecurity incident" which took place over the Summer included the obtaining of personal identifying information.

"We determined on November 14, 2022 that certain of your personal information was impacted as a result of the incident," said the letter sent to those affected by the breach.

Credential Stuffing Attack Causes DraftKings Users to Lose Funds

It's always a good idea to routinely change your passwords, especially if you find yourself falling into the habit of using the same login password on every website you visit. Unfortunately for a number of users of the sports-betting website DraftKings, they learned this the hard way after the website suffered a Credential Stuffing account.

Massachusetts Announces New Cyber Security Initiatives

Last month, the State of Massachusetts made multiple announcements regarding Cybersecurity in the state. Firstly, they announced that more than $2.6 million has been allocated to fund the state's first two Cyber Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Cyber Ranges, which will be located at Bridgewater State University as well as Union Station in Springfield.

Ransomware Attack Hinders EMS Response in Texas

There was an extremely dangerous Ransomware incident last month in the state of Texas, as a cyberattack on EMS and ambulance company MedStar hindered their ability to respond to emergencies.

According to CBS News, the company detected "an active attack" that was targeted at their network.

Threat Actors Pivoting to Newer, Easier Methods

According to multiple cybersecurity firms, Ransomware groups are shifting their methods and corrupting files, to make recovery from an attack even harder.

Symantec found that an affiliate of a known ransomware group had started to use a tool, Infostealer.

Meta finds over 400 Apps Designed to Phish

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, revealed last month that they have identified and worked to take down "more than 400 malicious Android and iOS apps that target people across the Internet to steal their Facebook login information."

According to a blog post by their security team, these apps come in the form of "fun" apps, such as music players or cartoon editors, in order to trick unsuspecting users into downloading them.