Product Review – Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Product Review – Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS (Network Attached Storage)


 DiskStation DS214

Synology has been bringing enterprise storage functionality into a much lower price range for years. The Synology DiskStation DS214 is an affordable 2-drive NAS with a number of enterprise features, released in 2014. We’ve tested out a number of these units both in our lab and in the field, and here’s what we have found:

Synology DS214

Quick Facts:

  • 2X 3.5″ SATA drive bays (sold diskless)
  • Gigabit connectivity
  • DS214+ available — the “plus” edition has 2x Gigabit connections instead of 1
  • Supports CIFS, SMB, NFS, and iSCSI
  • Compatible with Vmware(tm) vSphere hypervisors
  • Other features include encryption, syncing between multiple devices, and LUN snapshots

Our experiences:

  • Performance: The Synology will easily saturate the gigabit network interface (unlike many other similar low-cost devices); read and write speeds approaching 100MB/sec mean this device performs quite well
  • Reliability:  While not as reliable as an enterprise SAN, the Synology is a reliable and
  • Setup and Maintenance: The DS214 can be a bit tricky to setup, but maintenance is a breeze


Overall, we have tried a large number of different NAS units and at the price point, the Synology is hard to beat.

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