RemoteNet is Direct iT’s managed services network maintenance and support program.  RemoteNet features include:

  • Rapid response SLA guarantees you will have someone helping you quickly if there is a problem
  • Proactive maintenance keeps your servers and network up to date and catches potential problems early
  • 24/7 Monitoring means that we will know of server failures, internet line issues, or full disks within minutes
  • Much More including free training in office applications every month!

What is RemoteNet?

  1. You pick a plan based on the size of your business
  2. You choose from a number of optional modules, including:
    1. Spam Filtering
    2. Offsite Backup
    3. Server and workstation maintenance

How does RemoteNet Work?

Direct IT offers a five-step solution to efficiently and effectively support your network resources:

  1. Network Assessment — A discovery session is scheduled to analyze the current network infrastructure and its ability to provide the necessary services.
  2. Remediation — We will issue recommendations designed to improve your network’s condition. Recommendations will address each aspect of the network as configured, with a goal of maximizing efficiency and return on investment.
  3. Network Management Appliance — We will install our BBox to act as a local access point for remote services and support.
  4. Stabilization and Documentation — We will complete any upgrade or stabilization projects as agreed from the remediation proposed. Then the network will be fully documented as configured.
  5. Maintenance — Direct IT will begin scheduled monthly sessions to perform necessary maintenance tasks and to continually assess network performance.

What makes RemoteNet so much more efficient and affordable than other managed services offerings?

In short, Bluebox.  You see, most managed services companies have to license expensive network management software in order to manage your network. At Direct iT, we have developed our own systems over many years and hence we pay no licensing fees, and we pass the savings on to you!


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