Hard Drive Prices Continue to Rise Due to Floods in Thailand

Hard Drive Prices Continue to Rise Due to Floods in Thailand

Prices on many hard drives have more than doubled in the past month, and are continuing to rise on a daily basis due to the severe flooding in Thailand. Many vendors are out of stock of hard drives and many vendors that do have drives are imposing 1-per-customer limits on drive purchases.

Flooded Western Digital Factory

Western Digital and Seagate, two of the largest hard disk manufacturers, have been severely impacted by the floods  and have not yet been able to give solid estimates of when they will have their drive factories back online. Floodwaters are continuing to rise in Bangkok, although water levels have already begun receding upriver.  Hard drives have not typically been a large factor in computer prices in recent years, but we can expect to see most workstation and server prices increasing by at least $100 until the factories are restored to full production and prices begin to fall again.
Here at Direct iT, we are keeping a close eye on the situation, and we have our own stock of hard drives available for customers in case anyone is having trouble purchasing replacement drives. We do not find the cost factor to be big enough to significantly affect business decisions to replace or upgrade PCs, and many good workstation and server deals are still available from Dell and other manufacturers.

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