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Direct iT has been providing custom and off-the-shelf cloud computing services for over 5 years. We have specialized in solutions that make sense for small businesses, including:

Cloud Consulting — our engineers can help you move to the cloud, whether it is an individual application or your entire business network. Our R&D labs have also done extensive testing of various cloud-based solutions and can help you evaluate which cloud solutions really make sense.

Virtualized Networks and Servers — With virtualization, we can move legacy applications to the cloud. We can also convert your existing physical servers into cloud-based virtual servers.

Cloud-based Backup — We backup your most vital data to our cloud datacenters, so that even if there is a fire, theft, flood, or other disaster in your office, your data is still safe.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery – If your internet connection is fast enough, we can keep a backup copy of your entire server in the cloud, ready to be used in case of a disaster.

Cloud-based Email Security and Spam Filtering — Our cloud-based spam filtering solution keeps spammers and viruses from being able to directly attack your Exchange server and your network – our cloud takes the brunt of their attacks.

Cloud-based Network Monitoring — With RemoteNet, we monitor your servers from our cloud datacenters, saving you the cost of an in-house monitoring solution.

Cloud-based Helpdesk Services — The RemoteNet program also includes BlueBox, Direct iT’s custom cloud-based helpdesk solution, so that you don’t need to invest in any helpdesk tools yourself.

Custom Cloud Software Migration – Have an application that you’d like to see in the cloud? Our cloud software team can help application vendors, software companies, or anyone with a custom software solution find innovative ways to move that solution into the cloud.

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Tips and Tricks – Connect Your iPhone To Your Corporate Mail, Contacts, and Calendar

If you have an iPhone and corporate email with Microsoft Exchange, or cloud-based email with Microsoft Office 365(tm), then it is easy to connect your iPhone to your mail, contacts, and calendar.

Beware, though — if you sync contacts and calendar, your personal contacts and calendar entries may get synced to your corporate server — some users may only want to sync e-mail.

Step 1. First tap Settings, then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account and choose Microsoft Exchange. 

Step 2. Fill out the Email, Username, and  Password fields.  Some users may also have to fill in “Domain” — note, this is not your email domain, ask your corporate IT person for your Windows domain if you do not know it.   If you make a mistake, you will be prompted to change the information.


Step 3.  Choose whether you want to sync Mail, Calendar, or Contacts and tap save.



That’s it — now your iPhone should begin syncing with your corporate email.

Product Review – Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS (Network Attached Storage)


 DiskStation DS214

Synology has been bringing enterprise storage functionality into a much lower price range for years. The Synology DiskStation DS214 is an affordable 2-drive NAS with a number of enterprise features, released in 2014. We’ve tested out a number of these units both in our lab and in the field, and here’s what we have found:

Synology DS214

Quick Facts:

  • 2X 3.5″ SATA drive bays (sold diskless)
  • Gigabit connectivity
  • DS214+ available — the “plus” edition has 2x Gigabit connections instead of 1
  • Supports CIFS, SMB, NFS, and iSCSI
  • Compatible with Vmware(tm) vSphere hypervisors
  • Other features include encryption, syncing between multiple devices, and LUN snapshots

Our experiences:

  • Performance: The Synology will easily saturate the gigabit network interface (unlike many other similar low-cost devices); read and write speeds approaching 100MB/sec mean this device performs quite well
  • Reliability:  While not as reliable as an enterprise SAN, the Synology is a reliable and
  • Setup and Maintenance: The DS214 can be a bit tricky to setup, but maintenance is a breeze


Overall, we have tried a large number of different NAS units and at the price point, the Synology is hard to beat.

Office 365 Blackberry Support Wide Beta




One factor holding back adoption of Microsoft’s Office 365 offering has been the lack of support for Blackberry devices.  Although iPhone and Android devices have been making inroads, Blackberry™ devices are still one of the most popular smartphone platforms for business users.  Office 365 does not yet have any official Blackberry support.

At a recent meeting with Microsoft, Direct iT was informed that a wide beta test for Blackberry support had recently started, and that Office 365 users who wish to test out Blackberry support can apply to be part of this beta.  Full Blackberry support is not expected until January of 2012. When full Blackberry support does become available, it is expected that it will include most of the features of Blackberry Enterprise™ including remote management of phones, and will be included at no extra charge in  Office 365 Enterprise (E) plans.

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