December 2011 News Letter

December 2011 News Letter

Direct iT Adds Office 365 to Cloud Offerings

Direct iT is now a Microsoft certified Office 365 reseller.  Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based email hosting and office solution.  Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft and includes 25GB of email storage per user, shared calendars, Smartphone connections, file sharing, and instant messaging.  They have a number of plans, including basic plans with barebones e-mail support and enterprise plans with the latest full version of the latest Microsoft Office Professional included (currently Office 2010) as well as Blackberry Enterprise and Active Directory account sync.

We feel this product strongly complements our other cloud offerings, such as cloud document management, cloud-based backup, and Google Apps(tm), Google’s competing product to Office 365. If you have questions about this or any of our other cloud offerings, give us a call right away.

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Hurricane Irene Follow-up

It has been more than a month since Hurricane Irene hit New England, and we thought we would share our experiences from during and after the storm. We had engineers in Waltham on 24-hour standby the entire weekend of the storm, but we were lucky enough that neither our main office nor either of our two datacenters lost power. We did have an internet connection go down, but it was a backup line and we have enough redundancy that no services at our main office were affected. We’re also proud to report that our cloud-based services such as My Efact Paperless Office and our email service were completely unaffected by the storm.

Some of our client, however, were not as lucky. A significant number of our clients lost power for 48-72 hours, and some of them went up to 5 days without power. As you know, every generator in New England was sold out days before the storm hit, so for customers without power or generators, there were not that many options. We had some clients visiting our office during the storm so they could temporarily access their email even though their servers and offices were down.

Events like Irene are a good excuse to review your business continuity, backup, and disaster recovery plans. Are you ready for the next big storm?

New Adobe Flash Security Hole

The Adobe Flash player had another severe security hole discovered recently — the bug allows hackers to infect your computer with spyware and viruses when you are browsing the web.  There are many infected websites using this hole to infect machines, some of them are legitimate websites whose owners do not realize they have been hacked or who participate in advertising networks that are spreading the infection.  Please update your Adobe Flash player — if you have not updated Adobe Flash since October 6, then your computer is vulnerable.

Announcing Bluebox 2.0

The Direct iT development team is proud to announce the release of Bluebox 2.0.  Bluebox is Direct iT’s custom network management, monitoring, and backup system.  The new 2.0 version gives our engineers better tools for backing up, monitoring, and scanning networks as well as for helping end-users.  Bluebox 2.0 also includes better tools for auditing your network to help determine which machines are old or have out-of-date software.  You may have noticed a Direct iT engineer visiting your site and replacing your Bluebox recently — we are in the process of upgrading all of our customers to this new system.

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